• Easter

    We will be open
    Monday March 26th thru March 31st.

    We will be offering our traditional Easter pies including
    Rice, Ricotta, Italian Cream, Wheat
    all pies 8" serving 6-8 ppl
    Apizza Chiana (ham pie)- Our ham pie is an 8" deep dish cake pan and weighs over 2 1/2 lbs. We offer full, half and 1/4 wedges.
    Our Easter Sweet breads are a round braided bread with four hard boiled eggs inside.
    We also offer easter cookie trays, cupcakes, cakes and more!

    You can download our printable pie order form on our home page for your convenience.
    All orders must be called in or placed in person in the store. Please do not place orders via email. We can not honor them.
    203-453-2924 203-779-5812